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An Irish Shirt that does not make you look like a Fool

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You are at the Ireland Shirt website because you are a true Irishman / Irish Rose. Our website and store are intended to reflect real Irish heritage, and we believe you can express your Irish heritage AND wear an Irish Shirt that lets you look your best. It saddens us that there is so much stereotyped garbage that gets peddled each year as St. Patrick's Day Shirts.  See pictures of said garbage below:

Once again we see people completely miss the point of what it means to be Irish. But in a way we are thankful...thankful because the nauseating nature of the Irish shirts pictured above is what prompted us to start Ireland Shirt.  Now, here we are 9 years and almost 2,500 customers later and we couldn't be happier.  Happy because we get to serve you with elegant, Upscale Irish Shirts.  Look at the picture below and then the crap above...we know you see the difference.  Slainte! Ireland Shirt.


Read More from our IrishGO Blog